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Jiu-Jitsu Martial Art

Join us to harness the power of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. We're deeply engaged in the canvas of jiu-jitsu martial art. We foster an atmosphere for learning, friendship, and mutual respect. We don't just create fighters. We aim to mold individuals into strong warriors filled with dignity and confidence.

What Is Brazilian Jiu-jitsu?

BJJ is a martial art and self-defense focusing on ground fighting and grappling. BJJ is different from other martial arts that use striking techniques. It focuses on taking the opponent down to turn off potential threats.

BJJ techniques use chokes and locks to immobilize opponents. Origins of the BJJ can be traced to Japan. The marital art evolved and became popular in Brazil, with added elements and ground combat strategies. BJJ is recognized globally and has proven effective in mixed martial arts competitions.

Why Do We Teach Jiu-jitsu Martial Art?

We teach this martial art because we believe in its transformative power. Being a medium for self-defense and combat is important, but it goes beyond that. It is a sport that fosters the betterment of the self, persistence, and reverence.

We value the mental and physical growth from mastering BJJ at Electric City BJJ. It distills discipline and shapes character, fostering an unassailable spirit and resilience. It is also a nod to our respect for tradition and history. Jiu-jitsu martial art, based on samurai techniques, brings ancient lessons to the contemporary mat.

Our Qualified BJJ Instructors

Electric City BJJ's professionals have ample experience and a passion for teaching jiu-jitsu. They are athletes who learned from experts, competed, and tasted victory. The instructors have a deep understanding of BJJ beyond just techniques. They explore its philosophy, essence, and spirit.

Every moment of their lives is committed to passing their wisdom onto you. They guide you at all levels - from beginner to experienced fighter - through your journey. To be their student, just be open-minded, receptive, and committed to personal growth.

Benefits of Training Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Through training Brazilian jiu-jitsu, metamorphosis takes place. The timid evolve into confident individuals, and the boisterous learn humility. It infuses discipline and determination. A choke here or an armbar there, you learn to control bodies - but more importantly, to control your mind. In Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a battle exists within each practitioner's mind. Victory first takes root there before being displayed on the mat.

Moreover, Brazilian jiu-jitsu incorporates a rigorous cardio regime, thus physically transforming practitioners. The strength needed for the art brings about improved muscular endurance and development. Let's remember the excellent weight loss benefits from intense training.

Beyond the mat, the natural world seems manageable. BJJ experts face obstacles, hold ground, find weak spots, and reverse situations. These are skills not just applicable to fights; they are life skills.

Why Choose Electric City BJJ for Jiu-jitsu Martial Art?

Many have chosen Electric City BJJ for their jiu-jitsu journey and never regretted it. We are not just a training center; we are a community. You will find camaraderie and competition, sweat and smiles, taps and triumphs here.


Our experienced and accomplished instructors are a testament to our commitment to quality. They understand the art profoundly and are ready to mentor you along your journey.

Electric City BJJ has a balanced atmosphere of discipline and fun. We never jeopardize the core of jiu-jitsu - its strategies, techniques, respect, and honor. Yet, we prioritize an enjoyable journey. When you come to us, you don't merely sign up for classes; you become a part of a lineage, a piece of a proud heritage.

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