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What Is Jiu-jitsu?

Jiu-jitsu is a martial art that has evolved from Feudal Japan and has refined over centuries. It focuses on unbalancing opponents and using their strength against them. It values balance and strategy over brute force.

The Principles of Jiu-jitsu

Jiu-jitsu's soul lies in its guiding tenets. These navigate opponents' power, redirect their strength, and exploit their weak spots. Every move employs strategic positioning, efficient motion, and calculated intensity. These result in submission techniques, where skill weighs more than size.

The heart of jiu-jitsu is harmony with the opponent. The one resisting falls. The one yielding prevails. That's the essence of its paradox.

Jiu-jitsu's Role in Mixed Martial Arts

Jiu-jitsu is central to mixed martial arts (MMA) due to its practicality and approach. In the octagon, where fighting techniques converge, Jiu-jitsu excels. MMA fighters employ methods to gain advantageous positions, overcome bigger opponents, and disable through submission techniques.

The Methodology of Jiu-jitsu

Every jiu-jitsu bout begins on the feet. Fighters use throws and takedowns to bring the fight to the ground, where strength and size matter less. Ground fighting, or "newaza," is jiu-jitsu's forte. It uses smooth movements to change positions, find weaknesses, and defeat opponents.

How Does One Go About Learning Jiu-jitsu?

Jiu-jitsu is a pathway, unfolding pace by pace, art by art. To master jiu-jitsu, you must understand its philosophy and commit to practice.

At Electric City BJJ, we excel in the refined combat art of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. We present jiu-jitsu as a journey, exploring physical ability and mental fortitude. Our dojo is where your journey begins.

The Journey

In the dojo, each day offers new challenges and experiences. Every role, every disengagement, every tumble delivers a lesson. The journey changes as you learn moves and combine them strategically.

Colored belts in jiu-jitsu show mastery of different skills and tactics. Each test is an opportunity to measure your evolution in jiu-jitsu.

Through winning, you validate your skill. Through loss, you comprehend your weaknesses and stride toward your potential. The practice mat symbolizes life, teaching resilience, humility, and grit.

Jiu-jitsu's Emphasis on Technique

Leverage: Jiu-jitsu thrives on the concept of leverage. Taller, heavier, or stronger foes can be neutralized by applying force efficiently. With leverage, a skilled person can defeat more robust opponents.

Adaptability: Jiu-jitsu techniques are highly adaptable. Jiu-jitsu gives guards smooth holds and many ways to combat diverse scenarios. This allows for a controlled approach to confrontation, even in chaos.

Continuous Improvement: Jiu-jitsu encourages constant refinement of one's technique. Practitioners test and hone skills on the mat to improve themselves consistently. This constant progress strengthens jiu-jitsu and fosters a growth mindset in daily life.

At Electric City BJJ, we prioritize these aspects to stay true to jiu-jitsu principles. We create a supportive atmosphere where students learn and grow in and out of the dojo.

The Benefits

Training in jiu-jitsu accrues not just physical but also mental and emotional rewards. It fortifies your physique, hones your reflexes, and reinforces your endurance. Simultaneously, it strengthens your cognitive faculties, promoting situational awareness, problem-solving, and decision-making.

Jiu-jitsu's significance extends to character building. It teaches patience, respect, and humility. It cultivates resilience, courage, and indomitable spirit. It fosters camaraderie and breeds shared respect between practitioners.

Anchor jiu-jitsu training into your lifestyle. Health, focus, and self-confidence are yours.

Electric City and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

At Electric City, we live to foster and grow Schenectady's Brazilian jiu-jitsu enthusiasts. Our approach emphasizes technique over strength and strategy over mere physicality. Our instructors, rated and experienced, tap into jiu-jitsu's core tenets to craft a comprehensive learning program.

You bring with you the desire to master, and we provide the tools and environment to flourish. At Electric City, jiu-jitsu is more than a martial art. It's a voyage of self-discovery and growth inside and beyond the dojo.


This is jiu-jitsu at Electric City. And this is where your journey begins. Join us. Learn, grow, overcome, and flourish. The mats are waiting.

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